Check out these tried and tested Earth Day activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

The Science of Landfills

Understanding where our trash goes, and how it impacts the planet, is an important lesson for environmentalists large and small. Explore the science of landfills by making one at home with this super cool project! This many-layered model is made of materials you’ll likely have on hand, and it’s amazing what does (and does not) happen to the trash you include. For our younger friends, the children’s book Here Comes the Garbage Barge is a great companion!

Resource 2

Build a Bin

Got kids interested in composting? Check out this awesome guide to building your own worm bin! It’s compact, easy enough for older elementary schoolers and middle schoolers to build with minimal assistance, and a very cost effective way to try composting if you’re a first timer! Engage your kids, reduce waste, and make vermicompost to feed your garden all at once!

Resource 3

Understanding Oil Spills

Investigate the impact of environmental disasters with this oil spill experiment. It’s a great one for our younger friends as it provides plenty of opportunities to hypothesize, both in terms of the environmental consequences of oil spills, and the best methods for cleaning up and mitigating their impact. There are several suggestions for clean-up materials in the experiment itself, but give your kids full reign in choosing items and formulating tools to remedy the situation!