In this Rosie Makes we’re using the online program “Mecabricks”. This is a 3D imaging software that will allow us to imagine and design our own Women in STEM LEGO!

Ready to make Women in STEM LEGO at home or in your classroom? Watch the video for an overview, gather the materials listed to the right, and follow the instructions below.

Required Materials

  • computer
  • internet access
  • paper
  • pen, pencil, or other writing tools

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

Check with an adult before starting this project!

Step 2

Use the internet to research women in STEM. Make sure to check multiple sources, dive deeper into terms you don’t know, identify a main aspect of the woman you’re researching, and search what others have made.

Step 3

Once you’ve chosen a women to design, sketch out your idea using paper and a pencil! You’ll want to sketch out your person and an object that represents them.

Step 4

Head over to Mecabricks (link here) and start creating.

Step 5

If you need help learning how to use Mecabricks watch some of the tutorials on their YouTube page (link here).

Step 6

When you’re finished you can publish your idea on LEGO Ideas (link here).