Check out these tried and tested bubble activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

Bubble in a Bubble in a Bubble

In Rosie Explores the Science of Bubbles, we demonstrated how to use a pipette to make a dome bubble on a quarter. Take that concept to the next level and give this awesome experiment a try! You’ll make some super-powered bubble solution using water, dish soap, and sugar in order to blow bubbles into bubbles until you have an enormous multi-layered creation!

Resource 2

Bubbles on the Brain: a Circle or a Square?

Think bubbles can only be round? Or maybe you just want to keep building and experimenting with different kinds of bubble wands? Either way, check out this Steve Spangler Science experiment that explores how to make a square bubble using only scissors, pipe cleaners, and straws! The concept of surface tension plays a big role here too, so make sure you’re thinking about it as you build and create!

Resource 3

Subzero Bubbles

If you’ve got dry ice on hand from grocery deliveries, put it to good use with these bubble-tastic subzero science experiments!  Kids will learn how dry ice works while you make some pretty amazing things ranging from a crystal ball bubble to bubbles that smoke! For most of these, all you’ll need in addition to the dry ice is water, soap, and various containers. Did we mention these also make for some pretty amazing STEM-inspired Halloween tricks?