Check out these tried and tested chemistry activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

Bounce for Chemical Change

What kid can resist bouncy balls? Make them even more amazing by creating them at home using a chemical reaction! This Kiwi Co project is as simple as it is fun, and most of the materials are common household items. The only one that might be hard to get ahold of is Borax, a household cleaner that is typically available online at Target and Amazon.

Resource 2

Cheesy Chemistry

Explore the chemistry of food by making cheese curds! We couldn’t resist an experiment that you could eat, and this one works for all ages as it perfectly encapsulates “putting two things together to create something new” – our chemical reaction tagline from Rosie Explores! Be sure to remind your kids that virtually all cooking and baking involves chemical reactions, and prepare yourself for a whole army of scientific sous chefs!

Resource 3

Play with the Periodic Table

The periodic table, which records all the chemical elements, might seem daunting, but these games make it fun – we promise! Make a version of the all-time favorite Battleship with the periodic table (even younger ones can participate), play Element Hangman, or do a family game night with Periodic Table Bingo! We had a ton of fun playing these games, and know you will too!

Resource 4

pH “pHun”

Chemists use the pH scale to measure the strength of acids (substances that donate hydrogen ions) and bases (substances that accept hydrogen ions), and this food-based project uses cabbage juice to test various household substances like lemon juice and baking soda. Best for older kids, make sure you encourage them to hypothesize whether each substance is an acid or base before checking the pH printable, which is included!