Check out these tried and tested math activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

Fibonacci Art Project
Can’t get enough of the Fibonacci sequence? We can’t either and love this project that combines the Fibonacci sequence and art! The numbers in the sequence become the radii of circles you’ll use to create your art work, and given the emphasis on circles, you can bring everything together to explore the relationship between the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle and pi.

Resource 2

NASA Space Math Resource
If you’re looking to explore math and space, look no further than NASA’s free space math resource! The content covers basic arithmetic to calculus and can be sorted by grade level, NASA mission, space topic, or national learning standard. Given the amount covered, you’ll want to look over the activities and answer keys before handing them over to your kids. Some of our favorites – all of which fall into the 3rd-5th grade level – are the Space Science Crossword and the Solar Storm Number Puzzle!

Resource 3

Monster Math Game
Math can also be super fun with little ones and this awesome Monster Math game from Adventure in a Box proves it! Kids draw monster body parts based on the number they role on a dice so it’s a great counting and early addition activity.