We asked four amazing WOMEN engineers on Instagram to answer 5 questions about the women they look up to, and the people who’ve mentored them along the way. And their answers are 🔥 – be sure to watch ’til the end!

We’re talking about everything from moms who pitched on boys’ little league teams to creating spaces and opportunities for women to promote and encourage each other.

We’re so grateful to Brianne C. Martin (@briannecmartin), Kristen Bush, Dani Schroeder (@danitheengineer), and Lara Huapaya Rojas (@larahuapaya) for sharing their stories so generously and candidly.

Thank you for reminding us that We Can Do It!

Explore each of the fields of engineering these amazing STEMinists work in below.

Engineering Field Resources

Resource 1

Mechanical Engineering – Brianne C. Martin

Mechanical engineers research, design, manufacture, and test all kinds of mechanical things: tools, toys, roller coasters, vehicles, and other devices. They study materials, heat and energy transfer, manufacturing technologies, among other things to design machines and tools that will meet all the requirements for a particular job. They are in demand in almost every industry. Learn more about this career over at Engineer Girl.

Resource 2

Chemical Engineering – Kristen Bush

Chemical engineers use chemistry, physics, and math along with engineering tools to solve problems relating to the production and use of chemicals. This includes things like refining gasoline and other fuels from petroleum, purifying of drinking water, treating waste, recovering raw materials, and producing and processing food. They can work in chemical manufacturing, electronics, pollution control, even medicine and food processing. Learn more about this career over at Engineer Girl.

Resource 3

Civil Engineering – Dani Schroeder

Civil engineers design and supervise the creation of structures. Not just buildings – civil engineers work on everything from tunnels and dams, to highways and airports, to water and sewer systems. They use computer technologies and advanced materials to design structures that meet the needs of a growing population while protecting the environment, reducing the dangers from natural phenomenon like storms, and considering future needs of the community. Learn more about this career over at Engineer Girl.

Resource 4

Materials Engineer/ Research and Development Engineer – Lara Huapaya Rojas

Materials engineers are on the cutting edge of technology in virtually every field. They develop the materials with outstanding combinations of mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties that make other advances possible. Metals, plastics, ceramics, super- and semi-conductors are just of the few material that these engineers continue to develop and enhance. Learn more about this career over at Engineer Girl.