“Girls, don’t worry about making mistakes. Follow your dreams! 94 year-old Mae Krier has never stopped embodying the “We Can Do It!” spirit. From riveting planes and sewing face masks to working to have the contributions of the original Rosie the Riveters recognized by Congress, she has done it all.

Our program participants, who range in age from six to 18, got the amazing opportunity to interview Mae during the summer of 2020. They asked her all kinds of amazing questions about working at Boeing during World War II. From “was it hard during the war” to “did you face challenges because you were a woman,” she answered it all!

We could not be more excited to share our Rosie Talks interview with this incredible woman. To read more about Rosie the Riveter and Mae’s campaign for the women to receive the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, visit Smithsonian Magazine. Spoiler alert – she succeeded! The act was passed by Congress on December 4, 2020.