This episode of Rosie Reads features a very special guest – author and NASA engineer Zaida Hernandez! Hernandez was inspired to create Space Espacioa bilingual coloring book full of space facts – in 2021 because growing up, she didn’t see anything about space in both English and Spanish. She reads the book in both languages in this video (the reading in Spanish starts at 9:56) and we’re thrilled to share it with you!

When you’re finished reading Space Espacio, ask kids these comprehension questions:

  • What space-related words do you remember in both English and Spanish? Name three!
  • What was the name of the constellation that will also be used as the name for the Rover in the Artemis program? The Artemis mission is aiming to put the first woman on the moon in 2024!

Want to buy this awesome book for the kids in your life? It’s available at Amazon here!