Check out these tried and tested rocket-building activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

Rocket Robots

Our littlest friends ages two and up will love this rocket robot! Bonus: it’s super easy and affordable to do. The most important part is a battery-operated tooth brush from the dollar store!

Resource 2

Pop-Top Rockets

Perfect for kids in elementary school, this rocket-building project shifts the focus from physics to chemistry. The rocket is propelled into the air via a chemical reaction!


Resource 3

DIY Stomp Rockets 

Build a DIY version of the always-popular stomp rockets using air pressure and propulsion! This project requires a few non-household items (PVC elbows and pipes), but the payoff is worth it – “rockets” that propel into the sky via air pressure and the force of your feet!

Resource 4

Hybrid Rocket Engines

Older kids will love making these hybrid rocket engines with yeast, pasta, and hydrogen peroxide! They’ll learn about chemical reactions and pure oxygen gas, and it’s just plain cool to think of pasta fueling a rocket! Note: this does require budding scientists to light the fuel source, so make sure you are in a clear area with adult supervision.