Check out these tried and tested space activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

Solar System Hats

Visit the STEM Laboratory for this fun and easy project that situates the solar system on a hat! Kids get to practice planetary order while making a piece of wearable art; be sure to catch the fun mnemonic for remembering the order too!

Resource 2

NASA’s Space Math

File this under awesome: NASA has an entirely free space math resource! The content covered ranges from addition and subtraction to calculus, and can be sorted by grade level, NASA mission, space topic, or national learning standard. As NASA acknowledges, some problems do require several different math and science skills as they are based on real world scenarios. So you’ll want to look them over, including the accompanying answer key, before passing any along to your kids. But they are so fun (note: we spent hours going through them)! Some of our favorites – all of which fall into the 3-5 grade level – are Space Science Crossword, Solar Storm Number Puzzle, Planetary Conjunctions, and Groups, Clusters, and Individuals.

Resource 3

Design and Build a Lunar Rover

NASA explores the moon and collects data using a lunar rover, and this fun engineering activity guides you through building a prototype at home. The materials are basic but the outcome is pretty terrific! Kids will also get to make hypotheses and play with the design process as they experiment with different wheel shapes. Find a PBS Kids video of the process and additional trouble shooting tips here as well!