Check out these tried and tested Winter STEM activities from other STEM educational resources!

Recommended Resources

Resource 1

Crystal Ornaments

Making crystals is a STEM rite of passage (get the full scientific lowdown here); for the holidays we love this project from Kiwi Co that turns the crystals into ornaments! Your kids pick the shapes and the materials needed are minimal: borax, water, pipe cleaners (a variety of colors makes things exciting as the crystals will be clear), and a few mason jars. Best part? Because this version uses borax to create the crystals, the process is quicker and it mimics the hexagonal structure of real snowflakes!

Resource 2

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are super popular and they’re great gifts for all the winter holidays. Why not make your own? Revisit this Rosie Makes episode where Grace and Veronica make a batch of bath bombs that rely on the same principles of chemical reactions that they used to create snow!

Resource 3

Mathematical Snow Flakes

Snow is super fun, but it’s also scientifically stunning. Read this quick article from NOAA about the science behind snowflakes, then dive into the “snowflake or snow-fake” question! It’s all based on the six-fold symmetry of a snowflake (aka an ice crystal), and this amazing resource from Think Maths in the UK has activities ranging from a template to create paper snowflakes to a snowflake geometry proof for older kids!