Space has a special place in our hearts, and we hope you enjoy exploring the moon as much as we do. In this STEM lesson plan for elementary schoolers, you’ll mimic the creation of craters on the moon’s surface, read about the amazing Margaret Hamilton, and eat your way through the phases of the moon!

Resources in This Lesson

Resource 1

Use baking ingredients to learn about the moon’s craters and gather clues about its age and surface composition in this experiment from a super fun episode of Rosie Explores!

Moon Craters image held up for an excited child

Rosie Explores Moon Craters

Have fun learning about the moon's surface by replicating it with baking ingredients!

Resource 2

For our book, we’re reading Margaret and the Moon, which explores the life of Margaret Hamilton, one of the first female computer scientists and software engineers whose work saved the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Rosie Reads Banner and book cover of Margaret and the Moon

Rosie Reads Margaret and the Moon

We're reading about the female software developer that saved the Apollo 11 moon landing!

Resource 3

For the project portion of this lesson, which we call Rosie Makes, we’re investigating the phases of the moon – with cookies! We used Oreos, but any sandwich cookie works. And if you can’t get your hands on cookies, drawing the moon’s phases is awesome too (just less tasty)!  Printables are necessary for this project; make sure you access them via the links in the project description.

woman and child smiling was they create phases of the moon with Oreo cookies

Rosie Makes the Phases of the Moon

We're combining STEM and cookies to learn all about the moon!

Resource 4

Continue learning and exploring with some of these tried and tested Rosie Recommends activities from other STEM educational resources.

Space Activities half of the moon in silhouette in space

Rosie Recommends Space Activities!

From solar system hats to mini moon rovers, we've curated a list of some of our favorite space activities for you to explore!