Who doesn’t love rainbows? In this Rainbow Science lesson plan for elementary schoolers, you’ll play with refraction and reflection, read about how to use your imagination to make your community a better place, and create your own hand-held rainbows in a kaleidoscopic swirl of color!

Resources in This Lesson

Resource 1

Explore how refraction and reflection help us to see different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum.

Rainbow Science Experiments

Rosie Explores Rainbow Science

Have fun "bending" light this week while exploring and making rainbows!

Resource 2

One persons’ trash is another persons’ treasure! Explore how you can create something to make your community a better place with this fun Be A Maker book.

Be A Maker book cover

Rosie Reads Be A Maker

Spark your imagination and explore what you could make to help your community!

Resource 3

Put all your knowledge of visible light, refraction and reflection from Rosie Explores to good use and build an awesome kaleidoscope!


Rosie Makes a Kaleidoscope

Use recycled materials to create fun and colorful kaleidoscopes that refract and reflect light!

Resource 4

Continue learning and exploring with some of these tried and tested Rosie Recommends activities from other STEM educational resources.

Visible light

Rosie Recommends Visible Light Activities!

From spectroscopes to mini rainbows, we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite visible light activities for you to explore.