Static electricity gets students charged up for science! In this STEM lesson plan for elementary schoolers you’ll experiment with static electricity. You’ll also learn about monarch butterflies and then make static electric butterflies.

Resources in This Lesson

Resource 1

Use the magic of science to experiment with this fun trick! You’ll channel the power of static electricity to move an object with no hands.

Static Electricity experiments

Rosie Explores Static Electricity

Have fun exploring the power of static electricity by moving a can without your hands!

Resource 2

For our book, we’re reading Winged Wonders, which details the mystery behind monarch butterfly migration and the people who discovered the answers.

Rosie Reads Winged Wonders

We're learning about monarch butterfly migration and the people who uncovered the mystery of their journey!

Resource 3

Put your knowledge into action by making butterflies with wings that move with only static electricity – no batteries needed!

Static Electric Butterflies

Rosie Makes Static Electric Butterflies

Explore the concept of static electricity and create a static electric butterfly!

Resource 4

Continue learning and exploring with some of these tried and tested Rosie Recommends activities from other STEM educational resources.

Rosie Recommends Static Electricity Activities!

From static spinning straws to electroscopes, we've curated a list of some of our favorite static electricity activities for you to explore.