Math concepts show up everywhere in the world around us, and we hope you enjoy learning about it as much as we do. In this STEM lesson plan for elementary schoolers you’ll learn about the Fibonacci sequence, discover the story of the engineer Raye Montague, and engineer a robotic blooming flower.

Resources in This Lesson

Resource 1

Learn about the Fibonacci sequence with this fun exercise. You’ll discover how to calculate this mathematical sequence and where it shows up in nature!

Fibonacci sequence

Rosie Explores the Fibonacci Sequence

Have fun learning about the Fibonacci sequence and the way that math makes up the world around us!

Resource 2

For our book we’re reading The Girl with a Mind for Math. This book shares the story of the amazing engineer Raye Montague, and the obstacles she faced to become the first person to design a ship on a computer.

The Girl With a Mind for Math

Rosie Reads The Girl With a Mind for Math

We're reading all about Raye Montague, the engineer who revolutionized ship design!

Resource 3

Put your math and engineering skills into action! For this project we’re using the Fibonacci sequence to design and construct a robotic blooming flower.

Rosie Makes Robotic Blooming Flowers

Watch your engineering skills bloom with this fun project!

Resource 4

Continue learning and exploring with some of these tried and tested Rosie Recommends activities from other STEM educational resources.

Math Activities

Rosie Recommends Math Activities!

From Fibonacci sequence art to monster math, we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite math activities for you to explore.