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Showing 1 - 18 of 75 results
Showing 1 - 18 of 75 results

Pre-Built Lessons


Pre-Built Lesson: Rainbows

In this lesson, we’re exploring visible light and science of rainbows!

Rocket Lesson

Pre-Built Lesson: Rockets

In this lesson we're exploring kinetic and potential energy and making rockets!

Pre-Built Lesson: Propulsion

We're exploring physics and propulsion with everything from marshmallow cannons to books about rabbits with jetpacks!

Coding lesson plan two girls looking at a computer and smiling

Pre-Built Lesson: Coding and Computing

Discover all things computing - from binary code to the first programmer (a woman!)- with these hands-on and interactive STEM activities!

Celebrate Earth Day STEM Lesson sign on a clay earth

Pre-Built Lesson: Earth Day

In this lesson, we’re exploring the Earth's habitats and the ways science can help protect our planet.

Science of Bubbles four girls blowing bubbles

Pre-Built Lesson: The Science of Bubbles

Explore the science of bubbles - from how they're made to engineering the best bubble wand - with these hands-on STEM activities!

Chemical Reactions four science flasks lined up one filled with a bubbling blue liquid from a chemical reaction

Pre-Built Lesson: Chemical Reactions

Get reactive with these hands-on and interactive STEM activities that explore chemical change!

Halloween STEM

Pre-Built Lesson: Halloween STEM Fun!

Make Halloween STEMtastic with these fun and creative Halloween activities.

Butterflies and bugs Lyle cycle of a butterfly image

Pre-Built Lesson: Butterflies and Bugs!

Explore the science of butterflies and bugs with these hands-on and interactive STEM activities.

Winter STEM Lesson Plan snow man holding a science flask

Pre-Built Lesson: Winter STEM

Explore the science of all things winter with these hands-on and interactive STEM activities.

Phases of the moon against a black backdrop

Pre-Built Lesson: Exploring the Moon

In this lesson, we're exploring outer space - the moon in particular!